Summer Recap

Essentially, I’m throwing money away by never posting on this blog. I think about this site briefly each day but forego writing in order to sleep by my 10 pm bedtime. I'm really wilding out today by staying up to finish this post.. ur welcome.. 

My sisters/friends start school back up this week and I’m still depressed that I won’t be going back with them. This is my first year not spent at target loading up on pens… what a mf tragedy. I’m totally that old lady who watches her friends college pictures sighing about the good ol’ days. It was one thing while everyone was at their summer internships but I am not ready to see library snaps!!! School is all I have ever known but it’s about damn time I move on. 

On that dark note, here are some photos of what I did this summer.. not like I have a summer anymore… bleh.. 

It was a summer filled with dance practices, extravagant weddings, a trip to Michigan, and 2 trips to Austin. I struggled to keep in touch with old/new friends, grew professionally, went swimming a few times, cycled often, and hung out with my parents. It was an anti-climactic few months but also the most life-changing.. does that make any sense?  

I enjoy (for the most part) going into work each day and that’s all a girl can really ask for post-college. I ’ve really been making the most of my mornings (working out, grabbing breakfast, or reading a book) in order to trick my mind into believing that I’m not a slave to the workforce. I get an entire day's worth of shit done before 9 am so that I can concentrate on my job. Some days are harder than others but thanks to work out classes that charge you if you skip I manage to drag myself out of bed. We all know that I will do anything to save a few dollars. Some people are millionaires but I, however, am a dollarnaire. 

None of you asked but here is a short overview of what I'm currently working on:

  • Complaining less
  • Practicing gratitude 
  • Enjoying each day for I never know what change will come outta nowhere to shake my life up
  • Staying in touch with those that matter 
  • Not crying over things that happened in the past (this one is hard for me) 
  • Growing my mind, body, and soul 
  • Not fucking up at work (this one is also hard lmao) 
  • Getting into shape!! I am a slave to both sugar and carbs!!!