Ending Soon

There is a little less than a month left until graduation and it is so hard for me to grapple with. Every day I experience a different set of emotions. 4 years went by so quickly! Everyone claims that college goes by in a blink of an eye and THEY ARE RIGHT.

It’s difficult to leave behind something that you consider to be your identity. I got into the Wolff Center a little over a year ago and it completely took over my life. I have been busy with Wolff projects, spent every hour with my Wolff friends, and immersed myself in the program. Knowing that I am about to lose everything I hold dear leads to daily anxiety attacks. My friends are moving away, I’m unsure of where I am working post-grad, I have to move out of my apartment, etc. It would be one thing if I was about to move into a new apartment with my besties or embark to a new city, but moving back home feels like I’m taking 4 steps back. Although I’m excited to spend quality time with my family, after a few days of being in the suburbs I want to explode. Your parents treat you like a queen when you visit, but once you move back home it’s back to nagging and high expectations.

So many of my friends can’t wait to get out and start their new lives. I for one have always resisted change. I remember feeling this exact same way my senior year of high school. I didn’t want to leave everything behind. I loved the little life I had created for myself. But what if that was my life forever? I wouldn’t have had four years of amazing experiences. I wouldn’t have found friends that feel like family. I wouldn’t have grown into someone I am quite proud of. Change is necessary. I keep telling myself this but it doesn’t make anything easier.