Coming of Age

I’m really happy to be at this place in my life. I learn more and more about myself each day. Every new encounter brings upon sudden realizations. One thing I finally came to terms with this year is that I am ENOUGH. This is coming from someone who spent the past 19 years of her life in a state of constant insecurity. Everything I did was a desperate attempt to feel worthy. Maybe if I had 2 Etsy shops he would like me! Maybe if I bought higher-end makeup I would be pretty! No matter what I did, I never felt enough. But now thanks to the support of my friends and multiple self-help novels I feel so different! It’s almost factual to me that I am genetically “pretty”. Sure, I have my off days but the way I look is no longer something that consumes me. I now think quite highly of myself and expect more from those around me. Being insecure was a waste of time, real talk. It’s been a lot of fun reveling in my newfound confidence. Getting dressed and feeling good about yourself is so foreign to me, but it’s been fun. Going out and not spending the entire time worried that you look fat has been fun. Dancing like no one is watching has been fun.

You don’t want to look back at your 20’s and wish you had loved yourself more.

Here’s to growing older and worrying less.