The Best Week

It’s Sunday at 2:30 am and I’m sitting here contemplating life as usual. This past week may have been the single greatest week of my life. I know I’m young, and there are hopefully many more weeks to come, but this was one for the books. There wasn’t a single day I felt out of place, uncomfortable, or unloved. Grateful to have 100/10 friends who get me through the lows, and help me enjoy the hell out of the highs.

On Monday I watched my favorite movie LOL (everyone watch) and walked into a midnight birthday surprise hosted by my lovely Wolff friends. I’m someone who loves attention (lol), so naturally my birthday is my favorite day of the year. I felt SO special all day long because everyone did so many little things for me. On Tuesday I went to Tiny’s with my family, and ate a grilled cheese sandwich. As a cheese lover this was definitely worth mentioning. I got to karaoke at night time with most of my friends. I am obsessed with karaoke. Also, I got highlights! I really feel like these highlights have helped me reach my potential glow-up. I played hella board games, reunited with people I haven’t seen in ages, ate a crap ton of good food, danced to Hannah Montana, celebrated many birthday’s, went to a Chance the Rapper concert, got to Soul Cycle twice, and overall had a blast everyday. I also got laid off from a job, went to two interviews, had my Etsy account was temporarily suspended bc my credit card got hacked a while back, was scammed by an Amazon seller, and got a parking ticket. But that’s life, with all good things come little hurdles along the way. It’s all about the way you perceive what’s happening to you. Trying to remain “chill” all the time has been a true struggle for someone as high-strung as me, but mellowing out really has helped me enjoy life more. I used to be on edge all the time, and had a very hard time enjoying life because I was always worrying about the next move. I still worry a lot, but i’ve been trying to loosen up by not thinking as much.

I’m now 20 years old and totally unprepared for this next decade of my life. So many major life events will take place in these next ten years. However, I’m trying not to think too much about it. It was a very hard year for me, and this birthday has given me the illusion of a fresh start. This blog generally features some sad posts, but thankfully this isn’t one of them. Currently I’m as happy as a clam, and I hope to stay this way forever.