Teardrops on my Keyboard

Was looking through my old Tumblr diary the other day and stumbled upon a post I wrote back when I was a true saddie. Can’t relate to this at all anymore, but maybe one of y’all will find solace in knowing that I was once a very naive heartbroken little girl.

“Everything reminds me of you. Old songs, the latest article I read that I knew you’d enjoy, driving past places that we frequented together. What bothers me the most is contrary to everything reminding me of you, not once did you think about me. Will it always sting to hear your name? I’m waiting for you to give a crap about me, knowing you never will. What do I need to accomplish for you to reach out and ask me how it’s going. How I’m doing. How I’m dealing with everything. Why don’t you remember me when I never forgot you. So many nights spend crying at the foot of my bathtub wishing you cared about me enough to reply to any of the messages I sent you. It’s honestly pathetic that I never found someone to fill the void you left within me. I’m glad you left because I did everything from that point on to spite you. As pathetic as it is, I wanted you to see that I was your biggest mistake. That you missed out on a chance to be with a star. Do you see how much fun I’m having? Look at all of my friends! All of these people adore me! Who adores you? Who cares about you? You could’ve had it all, but instead you chose to leave.”