Stop Looking

“love comes when you least expect it” “you always find love when you stop looking”

Great advice losers. But what about if you’re always looking? I don’t think there’s ever been an event I’ve gone to where I didn’t scan the room for a potential husband. I have reached my 20’s aka the time where all brown adults ask you when you’re going to get married.

It’s just crazy that there is someone out there that I will be with forever (iA). My parents have a wonderful marriage and I just can’t imagine finding someone who will equate to their love, let alone top it. You know what thought bothers me? That I could end up with someone I already know.. no offense or anything.. There’s always that fortune cookie statistic floating around saying that we’ve already met who we’re going to marry by 16… YIKES.

Luckily for me I could always get an arranged marriage. Plenty of people I know are very happy in their little arranged lives. Until then I’ll continue to scan the room for a soulmate.