Chasing comfort

When I was younger I used to get very angry at my parents for taking food home to go rather than eating it at the restaurant. I’m now ashamed to admit that I have turned into a carbon copy of them. I’m a sucker for the comforting feeling of watching a movie at home while inhaling the greasiest of meals. I’ve tricked myself into believing that I’m a salad bitch, but my heart resides where the large coke is.

After 21 years on this planet I’ve finally realized that all my issues stem from the need to feel comforted. I’ll run away from situations that involve dressing up because pants are uncomf. I’ll sleep in rather than wake up early because the warmth of my blanket during the wintertime feels like all the hugs I won’t receive this cuffing season. Comfort foods, boys that feel like home, silk pajama sets, dark chocolate ice cream, $100 candles... it all has to do with me being afraid of growing up! The unpredictability of life! Has! Me! In! Tears!

So how does one jump into the deep unknown and let go of this need to feel safe? Every now and then I’ll read my horoscope: “Tauruses do not like change!” and I will nod my head vigorously as if I had just read something profound. I for one love structure. I love heavy whipping cream. I love oversized jackets. I do not ride roller coasters. I avoid speeding on highways. I live in the past and fear the future.

Anyways, I’m getting tired and this blog post is going nowhere so here’s a final word of advice: it be like that sometimes.






- someone on Twitter