best of youtube

In an effort to cut back on television I have stopped searching for new shows to watch. There aren’t enough hours in a day to be addicted to TV. Because of this change I’ve now hopped on the Youtube train. I’ll watch a few videos here and there to get my fix. They’re easy to pop on while getting ready, walking on the treadmill, eating my fiber waffles, or cleaning my room. Here are some of my current favorites:

All things Camille Rowe:

Her Wellness Journey by British Vogue (I watched every video in this series)

Inside her wardrobe by British Vogue

The Klossy Channel:

23 things in 23 years

All the Questions for Karlie

This makeup tutorial:

How to Achieve the Perfect Glowing Skin Look With Nam Vo

Wanderlust shit:

This Indy Blue video makes me want to jump off all the mountains

Every Jay Alvarrez video leads me to hate my suburban existence

Everything Keaton posts on her channels:

A week in my life

San Fran outfits of the week

Music of the month

The Vlog

…and some self promo!

2018 memories