As Ramadan comes to an end I've taken the time to reflect on my spiritual growth these past two years. I'm still not where I want to be as a person but I've taken major strides and do believe that I will get there one day. When I was younger the concept of Ramadan didn't make much sense to me, but now I've come to recognize it's importance. I'm someone who firsthand knows what it's like to get trapped in a life where nothing feels wrong anymore. Here's a list of prayers if you need something to ask for these last ten holy nights. 

I may be a #ramadanmuslim but at least I'm trying.

  • Forgivness 
  • A long healthy life for my family and I 
  • To enter paradise 
  • To purify my intentions as well as my heart
  • Removal of toxic people from my life | To be surrounded by people who truly make me better 
  • To find a life partner who complements my personality and makes me happy 
  • To find my way back to god no matter how lost I get 
  • To enjoy work and have it energize me rather than drain my soul 
  • To one day have abs 
  • To not miss college because my new life is far superior 
  • For every day to be better than the day prior 
  • For my test in life to be having too much of everything rather than too little 
  • To find my own version of success 
  • To travel around the world 
  • To become a more selfless human being
  • To never feel FOMO 
  • For those in this world that are suffering | May god ease their burdens 
  • For those who passed away | May God elevate their status 
  • To never me feel inferior to others 
  • To reach my true potential 
  • To be someone deemed a a positive ray of sunshine 
  • For my mental health 
  • Great skin 
  • To be an inspiration to others 
  • To laugh and have fun everyday if only for a little bit 
  • For all of my friends to THRIVE 
  • To never disappoint my parents 
  • To stay grateful always and live in the moment 
  • To never remain stagnant 
  • To never feel alone in this world