Tips n' Tricks

Lately I’ve realized what a profound impact my friends have made on me this year. When you surround yourself with the best you find yourself growing in the right direction. Suddenly you are everything you once wanted to be. Here are a few things I started doing that really helped me glow up.

  • Get yourself an oversized water bottle and haul it around with you. I love the 24 oz. Swells but if you don’t want to drop $30 you can find cheap knockoff’s at Home Goods/Marshalls. Mine looks like this and I seriously can’t live without it. Stay hydrated.
  • Put Chia Seeds on everything!!! I started putting the bag on the counter so I never forget about them. I now find myself putting chia seeds on toast, daal, smoothies, etc. Honestly, I’m going to start carrying them around in my purse in a lil’ ziplock baggy.
  • If you’re making a smoothie just throw some greens in the blender. More often than not you can’t even taste the veggies.
  • Use tiny spoons to eat your food. This sounds a little ridiculous but you get to take many more bites, which in turn leads to a more satisfying meal.
  • Same trick goes for bowls. I use smaller bowls so my portions look bigger. It’s all about tricking your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you really are.
  • If you’re into Youtube videos don’t watch them unless you’re at the gym. It’s a great way to kill 2 birds with 1 lazy stone. I always make a playlist of videos I want to watch that I don’t allow myself to play until I’m on the stair-master. There have been times I’ve gone to the gym purely because I want to watch the latest makeup tutorial.
  • If you’re ever craving dessert (me every second of my life) grab fruit instead. Fruit is a natural sugar so allow yourself to indulge in all the cherries your heart desires.
  • Always have a book in your bag. There have been so many moments where I’m just sitting there scrolling through nothing on my phone because I’m bored. If you’re going somewhere that has a waiting room (doctor, salon, car wash) make sure to pack a book. I started ordering cheap used books on Amazon so I have no excuse not to read. Everything I wanted to read is now in my reach begging to be completed.
  • Words of affirmation is my love language. I started to screen-shot every nice thing others say to me and compiled it all into a private Facebook album. When I’m feeling low I scroll through the album to remind myself that there are people out there that care about me. It’s easy to forget how kind others are when you’re in a depressive funk.

2017, year of the glow up. 

Wish you all the best.