Cycling for Beginners

Ever since I was a wee girl I’ve always loved to cycle. In Middle School my only form of escape when my parents pissed me off was to bike around my neighborhood, while Paramore blasted from my headphones. There’s a lifetime fitness by my house and they offered cycling classes that I went to in high school. I never quite liked those classes. They didn’t offer cycling shoes, and I was too foolish to realize you could just buy them from Academy. My friend Erum introduced me to the world of overpriced cycling classes and life hasn’t been the same since. My ideal day involves waking up and going to Soul or Ryde. I love workouts that trap you in a room because you can’t get up and quit. You paid for this so you betta haul ya ass. It’s also nice because you’re free to relax the entire day afterwards rather than stressin’ about having to go to the gym. Here are a few tips if you’ve never been and want to give it a spin (ha! get it).

  • Luxury cycling studios offer you everything you could ever want and then some. They have showers, razors, ponytails, dry shampoo, the works.
  • Bring a huge water bottle with you. I’m not talking those little plastic Ozarka bottles. Buy one of those 3 serving smart water bottles, or a 25 oz Swell. If you’re a dehydrated lil’ birdy like I am you’ll need the water to get through the class. Once you’re clipped in you can’t go refill your bottle so this is crucial.
  • Cycling shoes are generally free your first class, but then they start to charge you ($3). If you decide to commit might as well buy a pair of your own cycling shoes.
  • Tbh, the employees are kinda mean. The instructors are always god-sent but the worker bees always have a stank face going on. The rich need to learn how to smile. If you aren’t decked out in cute workout clothes, the lulu moms will judge you. It’s a hard-knock life?
  • WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES. I’m someone who loves to drown in her clothing so this may be odd advice coming from me. If your clothes aren’t sticking to you they’ll flop around the entire class. Also, make sure your sports bra is tight so the girls don’t go flying.
  • I’m hyper-sensitive to everything when working out. Something that irritates me often is my hair. Buns always come loose. Pony-tails bob around. My cycling hairstyle: lulu headband, pony -> braid the ponytail.
  • Wear thick socks! During my first class I wore thin socks not meant for working out and they irritated me the entire time. Like I said, hyper-sensitive.
  • They usually offer you seat cushions! At Soul the bike is on the uncomfortable side so it helps to get one.
  • This totally screams “it’s my first time” but I always ask them to help me set up my bike. I know how it’s done at this point, but I get peace of mind when I know it’s adjusted properly. Just stand by your bike at the beginning of class until someone comes around to help you.
  • LOOK AT THE WEIGHTS ON YOUR BIKE BEFORE CLASS BEGINS. I can’t handle more than 2 pound weights.. I’m weak asf. Make sure they’re something you can work with, and if not swap em out!
  • Wash your face immediately after or you might break out from the sweat!