5 blogs that cheer me up

As much as I revel in writing my own content, I would much rather read a good blog post written by someone else. We’re so lucky to live in a world filled with talented individuals who put their work out there for us to enjoy. Here are some blog posts I come back to often when I need a good dose of inspo.

The Year of the New Normal: “There is no such thing as normal, it’s the extraordinary that we align ourselves with to challenge our journey. The excitement that comes along with our lives lies within finding yourself in the various opportunities around you and not confining yourself to your current idea of normal.”

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz: “As you go on with your day, take a step back and ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Don’t go chasing a diamond as big as the ritz because it appears as though everyone else is doing it. Realize that your path is exactly yours and realize the value and purpose of all that you’re working towards. In time, your exquisite ritz, will follow.”

THIS IS GOING TO BE A GOOD STORY: “Being 20, right now, really just means that I’m not 19 anymore. And I never will be again. And I think I’ll always feel 19, but I’ll never really be ‘her’ again. So the thought of that, sends me into a sentimental emotional breakdown. And it’s when I have these sentimental emotional breakdowns, that the best blog posts get written, so here we are.”

Noteworthy: “I feel like I just wasted a day. I had so much to do and I didn’t really do anything” the day was just about over. Up until that point it was truly an unmemorable day, and that’s when the quote popped into my head “In 20 years will you remember today?” And I thought, surely in 20 years I won’t remember Wednesday July 6th, 2017. It was a slow, mundane, boring day”

A RECIPE FOR STAYING SANE: “Sometimes the special snowflake introvert in me kicks in just a tad and I start to proudly humblebrag about how I love to be alone and spend time with myself but honestly? That shit gets old after a while, especially for someone like me who’s a clingy little monkey that craves love and friendly interaction at least once a day to keep me going. You need coffee, I need love and affection.”