Quotes #7

At this point I’m unsure if these are even quotes.. here are a series of excerpts I copied and pasted from different articles that made me feel some typa’ way.

“So perhaps, come Friday afternoon, the question we need to be asking is not what are we doing, but what do we need?”

“How can we flex our perspective beyond just our own experiences?”

“Given how much is projected onto a run-of-the-mill 60-hour window it’s no wonder weekends frequently leave me with the strange feeling that I’ve done too much and not enough simultaneously.”

“My weekends are relatively routine-less, characterized by a freedom that might be liberating if it wasn’t frequently puckered by social obligations, errands I couldn’t get done during the week, wonky sleep schedules and down time I feel guilty for neglecting to maximize, then guilty for not enjoying.”

“Making an effort to not look like crap is a very effective way to feel human again, and to regain some illusion of control”

“She has never really thought that there was anything wrong with her body. It really isn’t until she’s suddenly forced to look at herself under a microscope and think about the expectations this boy has about her that the insecurities start to creep in”

“So please: No empty banter and grandstanding gestures and the stuff that movie montages were made of. I do not want a sepia-filtered relationship that looks good on Instagram. Give me paradox and wit and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Give me a shared New Yorker subscription with someone who understands that knowing the names of Britney Spears’ children is important to me.”

“In the era of Instagram, when personhood becomes personal brand, aligning yourself with a particular set of beliefs has become more important than thinking and behaving in accordance with those beliefs.”

‘What are all the things in my basket, and what’s one thing I can remove or add that’s gonna get me a step closer to happiness?”

“Missing someone is, perhaps, more complicated than loving them. It leaves you with what never got said alongside what did.”

“How a size 24 feels about her body is, in significant ways, affected by how the culture feels about it and whether she makes a decision to ignore prejudices, upend them or internalize them. We are still working toward a society in which everyone can simply be.”

“Positive mental health effects are the ultimate motivation to head to our weekly yoga class or lace up our running shoes”

“After that many outfit changes, I usually start to feel as though the human form is just an abstract concept, or a rumor made up by Nordstrom Rack.”

“Add in the self-esteem issues I’ve collected from the societal meat-processor that is female adolescence and the curse of having a perma-thin, beautiful mother”

“Is my relationship with fashion actually serving me, or does my interest in it feed a self-worth issue that needs another kind of nurturing?”

“It is so easy to slip back into old habits, and I have to remind myself that foods are neither good nor bad — they just are.”

“You don’t have to be beautiful (or at the very least, you shouldn’t have to be), and not being beautiful doesn’t mean you’re average. Feeling beautiful is an obligation and a pressure — and sometimes a pleasure, but not always. Feeling beautiful is so much work: work that beauty companies cash in on and exploit. At the very least, we don’t need our products to try to be our therapists. Just work and let us think for ourselves.”