The Happiness List

I’ve been reading a lot of books on happiness lately. As seasonal depression hits, I need to find new ways to keep my spirits high. My mantra for the remainder of the year is to find joy, no matter how small, in each day. One of the books suggested I write down a list of things that make me happy, so here goes:

piano covers of my favorite songs

fresh sheets

a hot cup of tea

face masks


a new book // a stellar book collection

the zara sale

baggy sweats


looking up and seeing stars

long walks when the weather is nice (twice a year in Houston)

waiting for your plane to arrive at the airport

looking up at you and laughing

getting a new order on Etsy

iced vanilla lattes


that zen you feel after a hot yoga class

cycling classes

anything sweet

knowing that there are people out there who love and adore me

having an organized closet

getting what I want


walking into michaels craft store and feeling inspired

when you can’t help but burst out into laughter

waking up to my dad playing music

reading a good article


string lights

my neighborhood

long drives at night

trader joes

brunch with good friends

cooking with others

planning / hosting events

getting a friend the perfect gift

giving good advice

wholesome fun

winter lights

receiving good advice

walking into the steam room / sauna

game day

inspirational quotes

opening up a new pint of halo top

desi weddings

the beach


music festivals // concerts

good stationary

handwritten cards

photographing others

witnessing happy moments; graduations, first-born children, weddings

“this reminded me of you” texts

people who make sure you’re safe at all times

rainy days off

the holidays

my sleeping mask

sitting by the fire

the smell of coffee

feeling Parisian

thrift shops

items less than $3

creating new music playlists / getting playlists sent to me


sunny days

exploring new places

hallmark Christmas movies

poetry that makes me feel some typa way

knowing I have fun plans later in the day

being super productive before 11 am

singing throwback songs in the car

boardgame nights


pinterest boards


museums // art


trash television

dm’ing memes

eating whataburger chicken strips in bed after a long night

watching old videos

accepting that everything happens for a reason

knowing it all turned out okay in the end

iman balagam