Social Media is a Lie

Do you ever feel a major disconnect between the way others perceive you vs. who you believe you are?

Do you ever watch one of your friends in a social setting, and think about how much of a sham it all is? You’re not really like this! It’s all a lie!

Do you ever sit there and stalk yourself on various social media platforms? I stare at my own pictures and think about how it all must appear to a third party. Everyone’s pictures will always convey; happy girl living in a happy world! Instagram is filled with travel, friends, and fake-laughing pictures. Naturally, it’s easy to stalk someone else and be envious of the life they’re projecting. “They’re perrrrrfect, I’m obsessedwith them” rolls off my tongue often. Even though I know none of it is real. Good instagram accounts are a combination of lighting, borrowing friends’ iPhone 7+’s, posing to look skinny, and filters. Filters are talked about endlessly but without the VSCO edits my pictures are garbage.

I sound like a broken record talking about how social media has ruined us, but it’s something we can all relate to. I always say I don’t care about likes and things of that nature, but if I were to get 4 likes on a picture I would flip out. Where did everyone go?! Is this an ugly picture!? I would 100% delete the picture even if I once thought it was the best picture I ever added.

Some days when stalking myself on the internet I’ll proceed to have an identity crisis. “Wow, y’all all think this put together girl is me!?” I know what it takes to project a certain image to the general public. I’m not afraid to admit that I care about what others have to say about me. I definitely put a lot of work into the pictures I post on all my Instagram accounts. A lot of the reason I created this blog is because I was tired of everyone around me pretending all the damn time. Your face-tuned pictures are not what you look like in real life, it’s fine. If you’re not rich you’re not rich. If your hair doesn’t look like a 10/10 all day long, so be it. Not everyone has to be composed at all hours of the day. I’m tired of people calling others perfect without knowing what goes on behind the scenes. Ultimately I hope to deconstruct this idea of “perfect” that everyone, myself included, works so hard to create.

Take the other day for example: I went to yoga + got an acài bowl afterwards. While that was projected as an ideal day on my insta story the reality is that our yoga class SUCKED, and our bowl was mediocre. A picture tells 1000 words, yet none of those words are the truth.