New Normal

….and just like that my final spring break is over! 

I spent the majority of the week back home with my parents doing absolutely nothing. I’m someone who enjoys sitting idle at home so it wasn’t dreadful. At the same time, social media always makes me feel like I need to be doing something else. While I was content at home, the non-stop Cabo snaps made me feel like I was doing life wrong. I really want to delete snapchat and instagram but it’s so hard!! I feel connected to my best-friends through the apps and I don’t want to let that connection go. At the same time, the apps cause me FOMO if I see my friends hanging out without me, and resentment when people are out having fun while I’m doing work. I’m guilty of comparing my life to other’s often – a good first step would be to go on a social media cleanse but I have yet to commit.

Anyways, I went to Austin for the weekend, and it was a crap-ton of fun. Stopped by a variety of SXSW events that were all really cool. It was slightly hectic considering the entire world was gathered into one small city, but I enjoyed the chaos. I don’t think I’ve ever had a boring weekend in Austin. I love everything about the city; public transportation, having to walk places, a surplus of food trucks, the string lights. I’ve been stricter on only doing things that I know I’ll enjoy, whereas back in the day I would say yes to everything. Learning to say no has been my 2018 wave. As I get older, I realize the value of surrounding yourself with the best. You could go on the most extravagant trip of your life but if you’re with whatever ass people it just won’t be fun. I’m blessed to have people in my life that make me choke on my fries from laughter.

Kylie Jenner said 2016 is the year of realizing things, but two years have gone by and I continue to learn more and more. I’m pleasantly surprised to realize how quickly new situations can turn into normal life. The first day I was terribly homesick for some odd reason (a common occurrence for me on vacations without my family). But by day two everything became my new normal. I could see myself adjusting to this alternative life of new streets and new friends. As someone who is too afraid to leave behind her current life, it was refreshing to know that I would be okay post-graduation. That I could find new places and people to call home.