Fall Goals

As you all know by now I can’t do anything without a list. There’s no way I could start this semester off without an updated list of goals. If you don’t know what you’re working towards you’ll never make it anywhere.

  • To have a solid career plan by April of next year. I don’t want to spend this entire year stressing out about the future. I can’t believe it’s already time for me to apply to big-girl jobs yet here I am! Write a series of epic cover letters and perfect your resume.
  • Maintain your blog following by posting often. It’s hard to keep up with this site when I have work-work and school-work to complete. However, there are many hours in a day and there’s no real excuse. This blog is a healthy outlet for me and I intend to post a minimum of once of a week.
  • To strengthen the relationships I have with my classmates. There are so many people I know only at a surface level. I’m someone who will make 4 good friends then feel like I don’t need to try anymore. 4 seems to be enough for me. F that mindset. The more the merrier. Once you graduate you won’t have as many opportunities to make friends.
  • Give back to the universe. I’m not naturally selfless. I watch how giving people are and I am baffled at the generosity. I need to be more giving this semester! When people ask for help I should jump at the chance to help them. I joined a Business Fraternity my Freshman year and it taught me something about giving back that always stuck with me: “for every debit there is a credit”
  • GROW YA SELF. This is your last year to soak in all the knowledge and resources college has to offer! Take the free photoshop classes offered in the library. Go to the rock climbing wall. Go to all the optional events in your email inbox. If there’s a chance to network take it. Pay attention in class. Give school your all while you still can.
  • Say yes! No more choosing to stay in your room like a bum bitch. Make friends. Do shit all the time. It’s your last chance to yolo.
  • Time to make all A’s. Your GPA can’t drop below 3.7 so better work your a$$ off. Graduate on top. Once you’re on that stage you can’t have any regrets.
  • It’s seriously time to stop crying about being alone. Not having a boyfriend in college was the best thing that ever happened to you. No one was there to hold you back. You were allowed to focus purely on yourself. You got to blossom into an independent young woman. That’s a blessing. Your time will come.
  • Think less. Live life without the constant identity crises and stress-cries about the future.
  • POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY. You are not allowed to go on complaining rants anymore. You love everyone. You are a positive breath of fresh air / not a suffocating breath of smoke. No one is a weirdo. You are not above anyone. Life is not the Clique novel.
  • Walk around campus more. Leave your room. People watch. Spend your days in common places.
  • Continue to eat healthy and workout 3x a week minimum.
  • You do not need attention.. you’re not a newborn baby. You are pretty even if others aren’t fighting over you or complimenting you. Confidence comes from within (lol).
  • Let go of people who add no meaning to your life.
  • Stop being so dependent on others. I preach about independence all the time but I’m so quick to get attached. Disappointment naturally arrises when you put all this emotional pressure on others. Don’t expect too much. Don’t suffocate others with your neediness.
  • Quit the games. You’re grown. You can’t be acting like a petty tenth grader every time someone pisses you off.
  • Continue to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • DO NOT CRY ABOUT COLLEGE ENDING. STOP RIGHT NOW. The future will (hopefully) not suck! Instead of worrying about how everything is coming to an end think about all the doors that are about to open up. This is only the beginning.