Adult Goals

It’s been a minute since I sat down to really figure out what I need out of life. I’m a notorious goal setter so here’s what I want out of the next few months. I advise you all to write down your goals so you can create the life you want.

  • My Etsy shop has been on the backburner these past few months. I was so burnt out at one point that I shut my store down temporarily. Now that I have some time off it’s back up and running, but it could always be better (my life motto). Currently, I sell enamel pins but I want to create a store that excites me. I’m on the hunt for a new side-hustle so my plan for the summer is to find one that excites me. I love the idea of starting an online boutique but the market is so saturated. How does one stand out in a world full of options? Asking for a friend.
  • Make fitness and healthy eating a priority again. As someone who has struggled with body image her entire adult life, this one is very important to me. I want to be a confident young woman and for me, that directly correlates to the way I look and the number on the scale. I’m working on developing an inner confidence that has nothing to do with my image but it’s been a work in progress. The energy I get after a good workout is indescribable and I enjoy feeling strong and powerful. The better I eat the better I feel throughout the day. As soon as I kick my sweet tooth to the curb it’s over for you hoes.
  • Find another therapist. I went to CAPS my senior year of college and it was a great experience. It’s time we remove the stigma associated with therapy because that shit is v. helpful. This is someone whose job is TO LISTEN TO YOUR PROBLEMS! WHY WOULD THAT NOT BE A GOOD THING. I have this problem where I automatically assume no one cares about what I have to say, and therapy really helped through that along with numerous other issues.
  • I have this Instagram account @houstongirlies that I run with one of my best friends that we totally quit keeping up with. Exploring the city is something we do often and I enjoyed providing value to my followers. If I can remember the password for the account it’s something I want to invest my time into growing.
  • Start a monthly book club! This is something that has been on my list for years but I never had the time! Now that I am a working adult I hope to bring this vision to life. Here’s to a future filled with good reads, cheese boards, and lively discussions.
  • Plan more weekends trips! I for one have the traveling bug #wanderlust #explorer #jayalvarrez and NEED to explore the world. Now that I will be making more than $10 an hour I am ready to expand my horizons. If you have any tips when it comes to planning short lil’ exciting trips on a budget hmu.
  • Learn basic adult things. How do I start building my credit? What should I invest in? How do I file my taxes? These are all questions I hope to have the answer to someday soon.
  • Stop spending time with people who upset you. I’ve come to the conclusion that I internalize everything and negative interactions have the ability to break me. Only invest in people who bring out the light in you. Stop forgiving people who have done you wrong. Be more confrontational. Stop putting up with trash behavior. You don’t need to keep in touch with every friend you have ever made. Stop chasing after people who don’t care about you. Recognize your worth sweetie.
  • Don’t let the real world bring you down.

And lastly, I hope to keep up with this blog! Thx for reading my posts these past 2+ years. Here’s to more drawn-out posts as I enter the workforce and finally learn how to #adult.