Everyone talks down upon new years resolutions. IMO there’s nothing wrong with writing down the things you are hoping to accomplish in 2017. Here’s a tweet I thought put it best: 


Anyways, here are my resolutions for the year (if anyone cares)

  • Run a 10k – My ideal goal is to run a half-marathon but I don’t run so..
  • Hit 500 sales on Etsy (I’m on 37 rn lol)
  • Invest in more teas – become a tea connoisseur
  • Perfect my skincare routine – find a way to glow
  • Stop seeing people for their potential. They have shown you who they are. Stop waiting around for some sort of miracle. I continue to take in the most pigeon headed people hoping they’ll change. THIS IS NOT SIMS 3 YOU CAN NOT MOLD PEOPLE.
  • Have better posture. Don’t be a hunchback, 2017.
  • Stop calling people weird!! You’re weird!!
  • Let go of hate, 2017. Sure, they’ve wronged you but forgive them and stop talking about it.
  • Stop getting stressed over everything. Everything you’re doing is a blessing not a burden. There’s really no reason to stress. As the bible (Miley) once said “life’s a climb but the view is great.”
  • You know those people you hangout with and afterwards go “wow, I love them.” Become that friend. Make more friends like those. If you don’t adore them, drop them 2017.
  • Take more pictures and videos! You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Lose 10 pounds.
  • Stop throwing yourself pity parties. Mope less, 2017.
  • Dress up to run errands. I idolize people who are dressed up at the grocery store.
  • Keep up with this blog.
iman balagam