2016 Reflection


I realized a great deal this year. 2016 was the best/worst year to date.

Here are some of the things I realized this past year:


You can worry about your appearance once you graduate. Hit the books, what are looks 2017!!

LIGHTEN TF UP. Nothing is ever that serious in the long run. Be a free bird. Stop getting angry over little things, 2017.

Confidence is key. People can sense confidence. Don’t be a weakling!! Do whatever. Say whatever. Be true to yourself. I used to get anxiety walking into parties but I’m okay now. People will like you and if they don’t WHO CARES.

Fuck FOMO. It’s not cute. Being left out is the worst but don’t let it affect ya. As the great Heidi Klum said “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.”

You can always wear more mascara.

EVERYONE DOESN’T NEED TO LIKE YOU. I have this problem where I want everyone to like me. It’s unrealistic. If everyone loves you you’re probably molding yourself to be what everyone wants. Be urself. Never mold.

The best friends are the ones who you share music with. The worst ones are the ones who tell you that you can’t have the aux.

If you don’t need something to function don’t get into just because everyone else is. If you can stay awake without coffee don’t buy some. Liking coffee isn’t a personality. If you don’t need addy to concentrate don’t get into it. It’s hard to miss something you’ve never tried. If it’s not your cup of tea, stop sipping. 

Soak in college. Everyone who graduates talks about wanting to go back. Be as college as possible. Do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do! Go to football games even if you hate football! Say yes to invites! Make friends! Get out of your room!! You can sit in and watch movies when you’re older. You’re young so go fuck some shit up (responsibly).

Life is breezy when you’re single. Watching friends struggle because of their shitty relationships is painful. Dump him, 2017. 

Being on time is a good thing unless you’re friends with brown people! They are never on time!!! Ever!!

A lot of your favorite places in the world will eventually disappear. My friends apartments/dorms are some of the places I feel most at home. Once they move those places cease to exist and are nothing but memories. Soak it all in while you can.

Keep in touch with old friends. They were there for you when you were nothing. I love catching up with old friends and talking about the new things we are all up to. Reflecting on how much we have changed. Nothing sweeter than going through life’s milestones together.

The bitch is not back. Be kinder. No one truly likes a bitch. Those who laugh with you when you’re cracking a rude joke will talk shit about you behind your back. Being bitchy isn’t something to be proud about. Let’s stop hyping up “sassy” girls, 2017.

Music Festival tickets are always worth it. They’re pricey but by the time the concert rolls around you forget you ever had that money in the first place. It’ll be worth it when you’re older and telling your kids about all the artists you saw perform live when you were younger.

Cooking really isn’t that hard.

Nothing ever stays a secret. If you don’t want people to talk about it.. don’t do it… OR JUST DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY.